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Pawn Loans Near Boston, MA

Pawn Broker

Pawn loans are a convenient option for many people who want to get cash quickly and without jumping through all the hurdles that banks require. Stop in our pawn shop to find out how you can easily get a pawn loan today:

Gold Jewelry

When you need a loan fast, our pawn shop is the perfect place to pawn gold items and get the money you need. We accept all Karat purities. Below are just some of the gold items that we accept:

Scrap Gold Jewelry

Designer Gold Jewelry

Gold Bracelets

Gold Chains

Gold Necklaces

Gold Rings

Gold Pendants

Gold Earrings

Gold Anklets

Gold Coins

Gold Charms

Gold Charm Bracelets

Classic Gold Jewelry

Gentleman’s Jewelry

Gold Omega Jewelry

Religious Gold Jewelry


Many people own at least a few diamonds, whether in their engagement ring or in jewelry passed down from a family member. You can pawn diamonds for a quick and easy pawn loan at our trusted shop.

A diamond necklace and diamond earrings - what we pawn

Loose Diamonds

Certified Diamonds

Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Wedding Band

Carat Total Weight; C.T.W Diamonds

Appraisal Letter Diamonds

Round Brilliant

Princess Cut

Radiant Cut

Oval Diamonds

Heart Shaped


Cushion Modified




Sterling Silverware

How many people actually use their sterling silverware? Chances are that if you own any silver, it’s locked away in a cabinet for “special occasions.” But if you’re in need of a loan, you can pawn your silver to get the cash you need quickly.

Sets of Sterling Silverware - what we pawn

Towle Sterling Silver

Gorham Sterling Silver

Reed & Barton

International Sterling

Roger Brothers

Wallace Sterling Silver

Lunt Sterling Silver


Sterling Forks

Sterling Dinner Forks

Sterling Silver Salad Forks

Sterling Spoons


Coins are a popular collectible item. Some people enjoy keeping a collection of rare coins for the unique images. Other people like to showcase coins from around the world and choose to keep them as souvenirs from their travels. When you need to take out a loan and get access to funds sooner, pawning coins can be an excellent choice.

A collection of historical coins - what we pawn

United States Coins Pre-1964



Washington quarters

1965-1970 United States Coins

Kennedy Half Dollars

Canadian Coins

United States Circulated Gold Coins

Foreign Gold Coins

South African Krugerrand

British Coins


A quality timepiece holds value for many years. If you are fortunate enough to own a luxury watch, then you’ve seen the impeccable craftsmanship and beautiful precious metals and materials used to make these watches. If you’re in need of a pawn load, you can pawn Rolex and other luxury watch brands. Below are some of the brands and collections that we accept:

A silver rolex watch - what we pawn


Bell & Ross








Super Ocean Heritage






Classique Complications

Old Paper Currency

While everyone is aware that coins have value due to the precious metals used to make them, you might not know that some old paper currency can be valuable as well. Collectors and historians value rare paper currency from certain periods in time. If you have old currency notes stashed away in a safe at home, you could potentially use them to take out a pawn loan. Here are some of the types of paper currency that we accept:

A $20 US bill - what we pawn

Continental & Colonial Currency

Fractional Currency

Small Size

War of 1812

Military Payment Certificates

Large Size

National Bank Notes

Confederate Currency


Luxury Hand Bags

Luxury handbags are highly coveted accessories among those who consider fashion to be important. There are numerous fashion houses who are well known for their purses and handbags. If you own an authentic luxury handbag, you can use it to take out a pawn loan with us. Here are just some of the designer handbags that we accept:

A Louis Vuitton Luxury Hand Bag - what we pawn

Louis Vuitton



Yves Saint Laurent




Fixer Upper Real Estate

A house sale sign that says 'fixer upper' - what we pawn

Single Family

Multi Family


Strip Center

Self Storage



Fire Damage & Water Damage

Parking Garage

Tired of Being a Landlord

Absentee Owner

No Realtor or Broker Fee

We do not accept


An alarm sign - what we pawn


Televisions or Electronics

Cell Phones


Michael Kors





Silver plated

Costume Jewelry

Stereo Equipment

Tools & Power Equipment



Stainless Steel Movado Watches

Freshwater Pearls


Pawn Shop Loans Near Boston

When you’re searching for a reliable pawn broker in the South Shore area, you can turn to the professionals at The Jewelers & Loan Co. We provide pawn shop loans to people across the region, including those from Quincy, Dorchester, Milton, Braintree, Hingham, Cohasset, Weymouth, Randolph, Holbrook, Rockland, Abington, Hanover, Norwell, Marshfield, Pembroke, Hanson, Whitman, Mattapan, Lower Mills, and elsewhere in Plymouth County. If you’d like to learn more about how our process works or how much you can borrow, contact us today!