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Sell Sterling Silverware Near Boston, MA

Sell Sterling Silver Flatware & Silverware


Do you have sterling silver flatware that is sitting around collecting dust? Are you tired of polishing your sterling silver flatware set after each use? Perhaps you haven’t used your flatware since the last holiday. The use of sterling silver flatware in the American dining room is waning. While many people know that they can sell their gold and diamond jewelry and valuables for cash, they don’t realize that they can also sell their sterling silver items for money. We are a top sterling silver flatware Buyer.  Sterling silver can actually be quite valuable. One of the great things about selling your sterling silver jewelry or flatware for cash or check is that there are so many different types of sterling silver pieces out there that can be sold. Here at The Jewelers and Loan Co., we can help you learn more about selling, exchanging and pawning sterling silver.

A Sterling silverware tea set - sterling silver flatware

Sterling silverware cutlery - sterling silver flatware

Selling and Pawning Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

There are many customers that come into our Quincy, MA jewelry store and gold ownership location looking to sell or pawn their gold and diamonds, but what many people don’t realize is that the old sterling silver jewelry they have in their drawers at home may be valuable as well.

The old sterling silver flatware that you have not used since Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, New Years, or your personal special Holiday. Most families want to pass down their sterling silver flatware, but their children have a different lifestyle that is of the generation Y or those so spoiled millennial Uber using generation does not need it. They would rather use, renewable materials that are more in line with their upbringing. While sterling silver does not carry the same value like gold, it can be worth some money, whether you are looking to sell, pawn or exchange your pieces. With time; personal habits also change and sterling silver flatware as a usable tool in the dining room in American households is changing.

Sterling Silverware & Flatware Items we Buy

  • Silver forks, silver spoons, silver knives, silver serving trays, silver teapots, silverware, and flatware sets
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Silver jewelry
  • David Yurman silver, 925 Italy Jewelry, 925
  • United States coins pre-1964
  • Candelabras
  • Vases, sterling silver jewelry boxes
  • Silver mirrors, silver brushes, silver combs
  • Sterling plates, sterling trays, sterling bowls
  • Sterling silver cutlery sets, tableware, salvers, pitchers, and candlesticks
An example of sterling silverware items we buy - sterling silver flatware

How much is the current Sterling Silver rate?

You can even use this convenient sterling silver market rate to determine just how much your sterling silver pieces may be worth.
Try not to make jewelry or valuable purchases while on vacation as to not overpay for the item and to ensure its authenticity. Buying in the Caribbean sometimes is not the best idea.

A shot of various sterling silverware utensils - sterling silver flatware

Selling Sterling Silver Flatware for Cash

There are many people who come to our Quincy, MA pawn shop wanting to know how they can sell their silverware for money. Whether you want to sell junk silver or sterling silver flatware, we can help you turn these unwanted pieces of silver into cash or help you exchange your sterling silver pieces for something valuable. Whether you want to pawn, exchange, or sell for cash, we are the pros here to help you with all of your sterling silver pieces.

Remember, you can make the simple choice to sell your items if you just want some cash. Or, you can pawn or borrow against your items and have the option of receiving your items later if the terms of the pawn agreement are followed.

There are so many people today who have sterling silverware sets, sterling trays, sterling teapots and sterling candlesticks on their hands. Maybe you received them as a wedding gift and would like to get rid of them because they are difficult to clean and care for.  Sterling silver pieces cannot be put in the dishwasher and they must be polished to stay looking their best. While you could pass your sterling silver on to your loved ones, many kids don’t prefer silver flatware because of its impracticable nature. This is why selling sterling silver instead of holding on to it is a smart option.

In order to get cash for your sterling silver jewelry or sterling silver flatware, you need to make sure that your pieces are real sterling silver. There is a lot of fake sterling silver out there, especially from foreign countries. The best way to tell is to look for a stamp on your items. However, many jewelry pieces are too small to have a stamp or may be made in a country that doesn’t require stamping. This is where we can step in and help. Contact our Quincy, MA or Milton, MA store and we can give you a free, no-obligation cash appraisal on your sterling silver items, so you can find out just how much your jewelry or flatware is worth.

While we will take virtually any piece that is made of real sterling silver, here are some of the most common sterling silver pieces we see come into our store:

  • Candelabras
  • Sterling silver forks
  • Sterling Silver Spoons
  • Sterling silver knives
  • Sterling silver salt & pepper shakers
  • Sterling silver serving trays
  • Sterling silver plates
  • Sterling silver platters
  • Sterling teapots
  • Sterling silver straws
  • Sterling silver tongs
  • Sterling silver souvenir spoons


Don’t see your sterling silver valuables on our list?

You can still bring them in! Just stop by our Quincy, MA pawn shop with your sterling silver items and we will provide you with a free estimate on the value of your sterling silver pieces. If you don’t live in the Quincy, MA area, you can even get a quote online. Then, if you choose, you can safely send your sterling silver pieces to us and we will do an on-site in-person estimate and tell you how much cash you can receive for your sterling silver pieces. It is a no obligation quote, so you’re free to make the decision on what to do with your pieces. You can text us a picture, email us a picture, or come in person. Come check out the gold ownership method that we believe will change collateral based micro pawn lending for the future in the United States.

A sterling silverware candle set with cash - sterling silver flatware

Sell for Cash or Pawn Borrow Your Sterling Silver Pieces Today!

If you want to sell your sterling silverware for money, we are just the place to turn to. We can help you get cash for your sterling silver pieces or pawn your items, and all you have to do is come into our convenient Quincy, MA location. Not in the Milton area? We can do the entire process online. It is extremely simple, and here’s how it works:

1. Click the “Start Pawn Now!” Button right here on our website.

Answer a few simple questions about what you are looking to pawn and what type of situation best suits your needs.

Determine whether or not you want to sell or borrow. Here at our Quincy pawn shop, we do both!

2. Get Your Free Estimate-TODAY!

One of our pawn experts will look over your inquiry and reply to you promptly so you can get the personalized estimate that you are looking for. Our owner is even available in person at the shop, should you have any questions about your estimate or how our process works!

3. Send and Ship Your Items For Free

Once you have received your personalized quote and decided to pawn or sell your items, we will send you a FedEx prepaid shipping label. Just print and send in your item,  which will be fully insured so you can enjoy peace of mind.

4. Final Offer

We will appraise, using the market value, your jewelry, watch, or valuable and email or call you directly with our final offer, based on our in-person assessment. We have a brick and mortar location and we appraise items every day.

5. Get Money You Need Fast

If you agree to our final offer, we can send a check, wire funds into your bank account, or you can pick up your cash in person. No matter how you prefer to receive your money, we will make sure you get the cash you need in a way that is convenient for you.

Sterling silverware plate marks - sterling silver flatware

Looking at Silver Plate Marks for Your Sterling Silver Items

We do not purchase silver-plated items, unfortunately. Oftentimes, customers come into our jewelry and pawn shop and ask us “I want to sell my sterling silver, but how do I know it is real?” The best way to determine if a piece that looks like sterling silver is in fact sterling silver is to look for a silver plate mark.

These silver stamps typically appear on silver place settings, cutlery, and silver flatware. While some countries do not require silver stamps, most do, which makes this a great way to tell if your sterling silver pieces are real. The most common silver-plate marks are American Silver Plate, Silver on Copper, Quadruple Plate, Triple Plate, Fine Silver Plate, E.P, S.P, E.P.N.S and Special Metal.

Here at our Quincy, MA pawn jewelry store, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of sterling silver jewelry and flatware and on the unique history of sterling silver. We want to purchase your sterling silverware for cash! Because we are looking to educate and inform our customers on how to get the most money for their sterling silver pieces, here is a brief history lesson on sterling silver.

  • Prior to the 1906 Stamping Act, there was no national regulation for sterling silver.
  • The 1906 Stamping Act required all items being sold as sterling silver to be marked as sterling.
  • There are many silver-plated companies in the market that use copper and pewter as base metals and are stamped “silver plate.” Stamps that read, “silver plate,” only have a very thin layer of silver “plating” over a base metal. Because of this, they don’t have much value.

Just because an item is a white metal, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is real sterling silver or that it is valuable. White metals can be pewter, copper, brass, tin, and several other base metal combinations. Just because it tarnishes, does not make it sterling silver. Some may also think that just because an item is old, it must be worth money. Age is not always an immediate indication of value. These sterling silver look-a-like items appear to be sterling silver at first glance. However, stamps that may read, “Sterling”, “925”, “925/1000”, “900/1000”, or “coin silver”, are indicators of real silver the majority of the time. However, in order for a piece to be classified as real sterling silver, it needs to have a 925 or a 925/1000 stamp on it. This means it is made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals.

When you look at your sterling silver flatware, you may also see the number represented in decimal form as .925.

International Sterling Silver Pieces

Many times, customers come into our Quincy & Milton, MA pawn shops wanting to sell international sterling silver pieces. We are happy to accept sterling silver antiques, sterling silver flatware and sterling silver tea sets from all over the world. However, before you sell your international sterling silver flatware, it is important to understand that these sterling silver antiques may be different than U.S. sterling silver items.

If you look at your sterling silver tea set, flatware or other home items, and find a set of numbers, you are typically looking for a 925. However, in different countries, there are different standards for silver. Below are the standards for different countries across the world. Some of these marks may indicate that the piece is made of silver, but not real sterling silver. Using this silver guide, you may be able to determine where your sterling silver antiques and fine home items are from.

  • .1000- Japan
  • .999- Fine silver, accepted by a member of the Hallmarking Convention, which includes: Austria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.
  • .980- Mexico, a common standard of sterling silver in the 1930s
  • .970-Mexico
  • .959- Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic
  • .958- UK
  • .950- France, Japan, U.S. (2nd half of the 19th century), Netherlands (until 1814), Switzerland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary
  • .948- Russia
  • .940- Poland, Mexico
  • .945- Austria, Germany, and Switzerland
  • .934- Netherlands (common sterling silver standard until 1953)
  • .930- Netherlands (in the 19th century), Germany, Israel, Palestine
  • .925- the U.K., U.S. (sterling silver since 1870), Ireland, Denmark (since 1893), Netherlands, Israel. Today, this is seen as the “worldwide standard” for sterling silver.
  • .916- Finland, Poland (after 1963), Portugal (after 1886), Russia, Romania, Spani (before 1934), Latvia
  • .915- Spain (after 1934)
  • .900- U.S. coin (before 1870), China, Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Japan, Egypt, Hungary, Lebanon, Turkey
  • .875- Russia, Baltic States, Finland, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Latvia
  • .844- Denmark and Norway in the 18th century
  • .840- Iran
  • .835- Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Belgium
  • .833- Portugal (after 1886), Netherlands (until 195), Denmark (after 1800), Norway in the 18th century
  • .830- Norway after 1892, Denmark after 1972, Sweden, Finland, Portugal
  • .826- Denmark from 1893-1972, Norway before 1892
  • .813- Germany and Finland
  • .800- Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Romania, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon Netherlands until 1814, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, Argentina
  • .750- Germany, Italy, Spain, Prussia, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania
  • .700- Lebanon
  • .687- Germany
  • .625- Germany
  • .600- Egypt

If you have questions about your international sterling silver pieces or are looking to authenticate your silver items, bring them into our Milton, MA pawn shop for a free consultation.

Sterling Silver Tea set

Selling Sterling Silver Antiques and Tea Sets

Here at the Jewelers and Loan Company, we are proud to say we are the leading experts in Milton, MA when it comes to buying sterling silver antiques and flatware. Sterling silverware is actually rarer than people assume, but if you have real sterling silver flatware it can be very valuable. Much silver-colored silverware is actually not pure sterling silver. It may be “coin silver” or only made with 80% or 90% silver (you can tell if your piece is coin silver because it will have an 800 or 900 stamp on it). Other pieces of sterling silver flatware may also be made out of electro-plated silver or be made with another white metal base.

If you are looking for a specific sterling silver appraisal and want to know the value of your sterling silver pieces, come into our Quincy or Milton, MA, store today for a sales or pawn quote.

In addition to buying your silver or flatware for cash, we’re able to, pawn your items or exchange them for all types of sterling silver antiques, platters and tea sets including the following:

  • Sterling forks
  • Teapots
  • Trays
  • Hair brushes
  • Spoons, knives
  • Plates
  • Place settings
  • Salt & pepper shakers
  • Tongs
  • Teaspoon
  • Cream soup spoon
  • Place soup spoon
  • Hollow handle butter spreader
  • Flat Handle Butter knife
  • Cocktail Fork
  • Ice tea spoon
  • Bouillon Spoon
  • Demitasse Spoon
  • Ice cream fork
  • Sterling butter pick
  • Sterling gravy ladle
  • Sterling silver pierced silver spoon
  • Sterling meat fork
  • Sugar spoon
  • Sterling pickle fork
  • Lemon fork
  • Jelly server
  • Pie server
  • Sauce Ladle
  • Sterling carving set
  • The sterling baked potato fork

If you have a sterling silver antique or flatware piece on your hands, we will give you money for it! All you need to do is to visit us in person or start the process online to determine just how much you can get for your sterling silver pieces.

FAQs About Selling Sterling Silver

Here at Jewelers and Co, we know that many people have questions about selling sterling silver flatware, jewelry, and antiques. In fact, many people don’t even realize that they can sell their sterling silver flatware for cash. As experienced sterling silverware buyers, we have detailed some of the most frequently asked questions about sterling silver and how to pawn, exchange or get cash for these pieces.

How Do I Get a Sterling Silver Appraisal?

If you are looking for an appraisal for your sterling silver flatware, you can come in and visit The Jewelers and Loan Co. right here in our convenient Quincy, MA location. Text, call, or email us! Don’t live in Quincy? No problem! We can handle the entire process right online or through our GoldPawnerShip App that can be used across the United States. Just log in and tell us about your sterling silver pieces and we can help you!

What Are the Average Sterling Silver Flatware Prices?

This all depends on the current spot price of silver in the open market that day. Over the last ten years, silver spot market price has ranged between $13 per troy oz and as high as almost $50 per troy ounce. Typically, full sterling flatware sets or even mismatched set can go for $100 to $5,000 and up, depending on the silver spot price, the weight, and purity of the silver, along with the age and the silversmith who made it. Don’t be fooled by reality TV Shows that show people finding rare silver pieces on every episode!. The great thing about sterling silver flatware pieces is that they tend to be quite heavy. The heavier the silver, the more valuable your silver piece will be worth. To get an idea of the current value of silver, take a look at our sterling

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I Want to Sell Old Silverware, How Do I Tell if it is Sterling Silver?

We are conveniently located in out Quincy, MA & Milton, MA stores and welcome customer visits. Soon, we will be accessible to customers all over the United States with our GoldPawnerShip App, which allows you to find the closest location near you. You’ll be able to get cash instantly or borrow short term, all within a convenient app on your smartphone. Keep in mind, the best way to tell if a piece is sterling silver is to look for a stamp that has a 925 on it. This is because real sterling silver is made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, mostly copper. The stamp may also just say that the piece is “real silver” or “fine silver.” However, it is important to note that some sterling silver pieces created in certain countries may not require a stamp. Look for the “Sterling” stamp on silverware.

If the stamp has a 900 or 800 on it then it is only 90% or 80% silver, or “coin silver.” You can also test your piece with a magnet. Real silver will not strike strongly to a magnet.

Sterling Silverware Candlesticks - sterling silver flatware

My Sterling Silver Candlesticks are Very Heavy. How Much Cash Can I Get?

The value depends on the actual net-weight of your sterling silver candlesticks, not the gross weight. If you have sterling silver candlesticks to sell, we will take the time to weight each candlestick and compare it to the current market price of sterling silver so you can get the most cash possible for your pawn or sale. Oftentimes, sterling silver candlesticks are weighted with clay or sand, and may even  say “weighted.” This may also occur with sterling silver candelabras and sterling silver salt and pepper shakers that have glass or clay in them. Think, for example,  of peeling a tuna can or soup can open and how thin the metal on the top is. This is similar to the thickness of the sterling on these weighted pieces.

My Sterling Silver Knives are Old and Tarnished Like Silver, They Must be Real, Right?

Not necessarily. Just because your silverware looks like sterling silver, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your knives and flatware are made of real sterling silver. Real silver is supposed to tarnish, but there are other metals that tarnish or give the appearance of tarnishing. The best way to tell if your flatware is real sterling silver is to look for a stamp on it. The stamp should say .925 on it to indicate that the piece is 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metals. If for some reason you can’t find the stamp, bring your piece into our Milton, MA pawn jewelry store and we can help identify your piece for you.

Sterling silver butter knives, sterling silver dinner knives, and sterling silver can openers are very well made and strong. In sterling knives, there are actually steel blades on the inside of the handles where the clay is glued so that the thin silver is surrounded by clay. The steel rod connects to the stainless-steel cutting blade. Sterling knives have a silver handle, stainless steel rod, and stainless-steel cutting blade.

Why does my Silver Tarnish? It must be real!

Sterling silver pieces tarnish because, in its purest form, silver is too soft to use for jewelry, cutlery, and other pieces, so copper is typically added to the silver to make it more durable. This is why real sterling silver is only made of 92.5% silver. Unfortunately, because sterling silver pieces need to be made with copper to withstand consistent use and wear, they will discolor, because the copper discolors when it is exposed to certain compounds, the air, and even oils and chemicals on the skin. In fact, this is why even real sterling silver rings can turn your finger a certain color.

Over time, any piece of sterling silver will darken or tarnish. A great way to prevent this from happening is to polish your sterling silver regularly to keep it looking its best.

What Are the Most Expensive Sterling Silver Brands?

If you have many silver pieces, there is no need to organize them yourself We can offer a cash price to sell your items, or we can sort your items for a fee. There are several very famous sterling silver brands out there. If you want to sell your sterling silver pieces, you can frequently get a lot more money for designer brands. Below are some of the most popular silversmiths on the market today, including some  notable brands:

  • Alvin
  • Amston
  • International Century
  • Kirk Stieff
  • Concord
  • Richard Dimes
  • Blackinton
  • Baker
  • Knowles
  • Lunt
  • Towle
  • Gorham Sterling Silver
  • Reed & Barton
  • International Sterling
  • Gorham
  • W&D Graff
  • Howard
  • National
  • Mount Vernon
  • Mayer
  • Mauser
  • Manchester
  • Roger Brothers
  • Wallace Sterling Silver
  • Lunt Sterling Silver
  • Tiffany Silver
  • Whiting

All of these brands have their own unique trademark. You may notice their name and logo on your piece, which is an indicator that you are dealing with an authentic, name-brand sterling silver item.

If you have these brands, bring them down to our Quincy, MA and Milton, MA jewelry store to see just how much cash you can get for your unwanted items. If you are interested in selling sterling silver flatware, sterling silver tea sets or any item you think is silver, come to the sterling silver buyers here at the Jewelers & Loan Company of Quincy. We have extensive experience in identifying sterling silver hallmarks and silversmith manufacturers’ pictorial stamps so that you can get the most for all of your sterling silver pieces.

Getting Cash For Your Sterling Silver Pieces

Here at the Jewelers and Loan Co. of Quincy, we pay cash and offer confidential and secure pawn loans for genuine sterling silverware, coin silverware, sterling silver spoons, and sterling silver hollowware in any condition. Silver is easily imitated and forged as white metal, which means you will need a formal appraisal in order to determine if your piece is real sterling silver. Come to The Jewelers & Loan Company of Quincy for your professional sterling silver appraisal today so you can get the cash you need for your unwanted silver items.

Sterling Silverware

Screenshot of various sterling silverware - sterling silver flatware

Towle Sterling Silver

Gorham Sterling Silver

Reed & Barton

International Sterling

Roger Brothers

Wallace Sterling Silver

Lunt Sterling Silver


Sterling Forks

Sterling Dinner Forks

Sterling Silver Salad Forks

Sterling Spoons