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Cash for Jewelry Near Boston, MA

Cash for Gold Jewelry


The Jewelers & Loan Co. in Quincy MA is a Cash for Jewelry Store. For millennia, gold has been considered one of the most valuable types of precious metal worldwide. Gold was currency for hundreds of years. Today, it is most often used as jewelry. Individuals have received or purchased gold jewelry that might have been sitting in an old dresser drawer or collecting dust in a jewelry box in the attic, or even a safety deposit box at your local banking institution. You might have broken bangles, bracelets, earrings, or other types of gold jewelry that can be sold for cash.

While gold has now become more prevalent today as jewelry rather than a form of currency, it is still extremely valuable. Just a small portion of gold jewelry can be worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, depending on weight, composition, and name brand recognition. Approximately half of the gold mined around the world is used in the manufacture of jewelry. Yet, around 40% of that same gold becomes a secure investment for many consumers as the stock market continues to rise and fall. Historical accounts have shown us that gold will last almost forever and has retained its value as a reliable asset throughout the years. Gold prices sometimes fluctuate, and now is an excellent time to get some needed cash for jewelry.

Historically, gold transactions have always resembled something quite similar to the business of a gold pawn shop. In this business environment, there was a lender sitting at a counter who would loan money depending on the amount of gold you had. They would normally take gold coins as collateral and issue credits to businessmen like farmers, blacksmiths, and aristocrats.

cash for gold jewelry store

Picture of a miner's ball - gold rush - cash for gold jewelry store

At The Jewelers & Loan Co. in Quincy, MA, we appreciate the history of gold and believe there is a place for gold transactions in pawn shops, jewelry stores, and even banking institutions. We will further discuss gold and its expected future use in the pawnshop business industry throughout our GoldPawnerShip vision.Most of American society views the business of gold pawn shops as being negative and not contributing to a consistent and moral business environment. Our team at The Jewelers & Loan Co. Quincy, MA, has a different vision, as does most of Europe. In contrast to the typical stereotypes of your local pawn shop, in France and India, the local banks act as de facto pawn shops supplying loans for gold collateral. Additionally, borrowing money against the value of your gold is not viewed negatively but rather a prudent consumer decision that is viewed positively as a socially and culturally acceptable way to increase cash flow for one’s critical needs. Across the world, gold jewelry is generally viewed as an investment rather than a fashion accessory. In the United States, gold is most often found as 14k or 0.585% pure gold, with additional elements such as copper, zinc, palladium, and silver alloy mixed into it.

The Jewelers & Loan Co. in Quincy, MA, is your source for the highest possible cash offers for your used or unwanted gold jewelry. We provide services to the following areas in Massachusetts:

  • Boston
  • South Shore
  • Quincy
  • Dorchester
  • Milton
  • Braintree
  • Hingham
  • Cohasset
  • Weymouth
  • Randolph
  • Holbrook
  • Rockland
  • Abington
  • Hanover
  • Marshfield
  • Pembroke
  • Hanson
  • Whitman
  • Mattapan
  • Lower Mills
  • Plymouth County

Karat Purities for Cash for Gold That the Best Jewelry Buyers Are Interested In

Consumers looking to have their existing gold jewelry categorized by karat purity, weight, and the current market price for gold, to get an accurate appraisal for their gold jewelry can come in our store’s normal business hours. They can also FedEx their gold or make a private appointment to see an appraiser by contacting us at 617-479-GOLD (4653).

The Jewelers & Loan Co. in Quincy, MA offers short-term pawn loans for clients looking to use the value of their gold (or many other What We Buy & What We Pawn Items) to receive some temporary cash to address personal cash flows needs that they have at that time. To put it simply, Jewelers & Loan Co. in Quincy, MA provides short-term loan opportunities to those that need it most. Our gold collateral pawn loans are confidential, safe, secure, and require absolutely no credit check. We make sure to provide all of our customers with a safe and confidential transaction process and strive to provide a value for your gold that reflects fair-market, second-hand cash prices. For non-gold items, we also work towards providing you the best possible price for the things you wish to pawn.

While gold in its purest form is extremely valuable, precious, and often quite expensive, not all gold is created equal. The majority of gold that most consumers have in their homes in the form of rings that celebrate graduations from high school or college, masonic rings, or fraternity rings is likely rated at 10k, .417, 417%. It is crucial to determine the value of the gold you have prior to selling it. That way, you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether you are interested in pawning or selling your excess gold jewelry.

A pile of various gold jewelries - cash for gold jewelry store

The Best Jewelry Buyer Providing Today’s Current Spot Gold Price for Cash for Jewelry

Our Gold Spot price chart is live and located to the left of your computer screen. We also provide Silver Spot Price, Platinum Spot Price, and Palladium Spot Price. If you are interested in a gold jewelry store or gold pawn shop near your location that buys gold on today’s spot gold prices, the Jewelers & Loan Co. in Quincy, MA, can help. Selling jewelry for cash isn’t as simple or straightforward as it may appear. Before committing to selling your unique gold jewelry, gold bullion, gold wristwatch, gold bracelet, gold chain, gold pendant, or broken/unwanted earring, it is crucial that you determine the value of the gold itself. You can do this by first keeping track of the current gold prices.

Gold spot prices fluctuate daily, making it difficult to keep track of the current value of your gold. The weekday trading of gold future contracts and physical gold establishes the Daily Gold Spot Price we discussed. The gold market spot price is the foundation for gold pricing all over Massachusetts and the entire world for the cash and check prices paid out by the best jewelry buyers, pawn shops, pawnbrokers, and gold buyers daily. The current daily, spot-gold price that determines the pricing for the second-hand gold market.

Why Check Today’s Spot Gold Prices Before Selling Jewelry for Cash?

Consumers should always know the daily spot price for pure 24 karat gold or .9999 troy ounce (ozt). For instance, 1 troy ounce is equivalent to 20 pennyweights or 31.1 grams. Before making the decision to sell jewelry for cash, no matter which gold broker or pawnshop you work with, it is vital to be fully aware of the daily spot prices for silver and gold.

Similar to gas prices and the stock market, the price of pure .999 gold is continuously changing depending on economic conditions. This is why jewelry buyers at The Jewelers & Loan Co. in Quincy, MA, encourage our customers that are looking to get pawn loans or cash for jewelry to check the current spot prices for gold, silver, and platinum before you borrow, pawn, or sell your personal items.

The value of gold today may not reflect the value tomorrow, so it is important to look up the current spot price of gold to ascertain the best value for your gold jewelry. Checking spot prices for gold can help a consumer determine the ideal time to sell your pieces. You can use our free, convenient gold calculator for an estimate of the cash value on your gold jewelry or any other gold items you might want to sell. During the 1970s, gold spot prices were under $200.00 per troy ounce. In the 1980s, prices ranged from a low of mid $280 to as high as $850 per troy ounce.

A pile of jewelry - cash for gold jewelry store

A person weighing a gold necklace on a scale - cash for gold jewelry store

Determining the Value of Your Gold Estate Jewelry for Cash

When you consider selling your gold jewelry for cash or payment via check, it can be very difficult to determine how much money you will receive for your gold from a local pawn shop, gold buyer, or jeweler. Do not worry, as the process is quite simple and easy. You might just be able to get in and out of a shop within a matter of minutes. General rules dictate, the heavier the gold and the higher the karat purity, the more value the jewelry may hold. Higher karat numbers indicate a higher percentage of that particular gold piece is pure gold. The most common gold composition is fourteen karats (14KT). This means the gold is 14 parts pure gold, or 58.5% pure. This percentage of pure gold is determined by dividing 14 by 24. 24K gold is the highest karat level available. The other ten components of the total 24K are mostly elements such as copper, zinc, palladium, silver, and nickel.

Just because a piece of gold jewelry looks attractive and is in impeccable condition does not necessarily mean how valuable that particular piece is. Whether it’s gold scrap or jewelry, the appearance of the gold piece is fundamentally less important than the quality of the gold, karat purity, weight in grams, pennyweights, troy ounces, and the current spot price of gold on that day. Additionally, if a piece of gold jewelry originated from a well-known brand that is considered luxury or premium, or there is the inclusion of diamonds in the piece, that can bring additional value at the time of selling.

At the Jewelers & Loan Co. in Quincy, MA, we are always happy to provide our customers with a free, no-obligation appraisal for the gold jewelry you are interested in selling. This appraisal is limited only by the amount of jewelry you have brought with you to our office in Quincy, MA. Ideally, we would provide free estimates to all customers prior to purchasing their gold jewelry. Yet, the sorting and organizing of a large amount of jewelry from an estate may require a fee. However, we are happy to provide estimates when we have the time to better educate our customers.

How Can I Get the Most Cash for My Gold or Gold and Diamond Jewelry From an Estate Jewelry Buyer?

At times, selling estate jewelry or through another channel to a local pawn shop or estate jewelry buyer may not be the ideal way to get the most amount of money for your pieces. We occasionally recommend selling gold jewelry or rings privately to a buyer online through reputable platforms such as eBay, Facebook, Etsy, or Poshmark. By doing so, a seller might make more money from the private transaction rather than from a pawn shop or local jeweler.

Commonly, jewelry best sold online includes pieces with smaller diamonds under a half-carat or finished jewelry with a carat weight composed entirely of tiny diamonds. For instance, this may consist of pieces with twenty diamonds equal to the equivalent of one carat. Most consumers do not consider resale value when purchasing jewelry. They purchase depending on attractiveness or style. When a marriage or relationship ends or when jewelry is updated during the course of a successful marriage, many times, customers will want to sell the old jewelry. When purchasing gold, an individual should aim to make their purchase based on purity and weight. For example, if a woman decided to buy a Cuban link for her significant other, obtaining a used, second-hand chain is a prudent and intelligent choice due to the reduced premium over the intrinsic value of the piece. Most customers pay very little attention to the intrinsic or resale value of the jewelry they purchase. It usually is just an afterthought. Quality jewelry, value jewelry, or discounted secondhand jewelry all make excellent options for someone considering a jewelry purchase. It may cost more to purchase a piece of quality jewelry, but the resale value is higher in terms of percentage. Gold plating, or jewelry that is considered “diamond carat total weight,” is generally pieces you should avoid.

An angry woman with steam coming out of her ears- cash for gold jewelry store

Why Did My Gold and Diamond Right at Kay Jewelers, Zales, Jared’s, or Piercing Pagoda Cost So Much, Yet I Cannot Get Anywhere Near What I Paid for It?

Many times with big box jewelry retailers, their payrolls, and other expenses such as rent in malls, housing marketing initiatives cause a significant increase in pricing for the consumer. Large companies such as this work efficiently to sell large quantities of jewelry out of their brick and mortar stores, as well we, through online sales channels. If you need a more personalized jewelry shopping or selling experience, a local pawn shop or small jewelry store will provide a customer-driven experience that caters to your needs. Having a face-to-face exchange with a local jeweler is hard to replicate at big-box retailers. Additionally, most consumers who purchase jewelry do not consider the resale value of their jewelry when they go and sell it in the future, and this can cause frustration when consumers eventually do sell their pieces at a later date.

Gold Jewelry under a magnifying glass - cash for gold jewelry store

How Do I Know When I Sell My Vintage Jewelry If It Is Real Gold?

Unfortunately, not all that glitters is genuine gold. You should be careful when selling vintage jewelry in determining if an item is authentic or not. Just because there is a stamp, that does not indicate an item is genuine gold. There are many types of jewelry that appear to be real gold, such as gold-filled jewelry, gold-plated jewelry, gold mixed with copper, gold stamped, and inflated karat genuine gold. While a particular piece of jewelry might appear to look expensive or high-end, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is made from pure or genuine gold. The first and most straightforward way to determine authenticity is to look for a small karat mark or manufacturer’s trademark which will be stamped on the interior of a clasp, inside a gold ring, on the end cap of a gold Figaro bracelet, or even a tiny mark on a gold diamond earring post. You will most likely see a stamped number of 18k, 14k, or 10k on your item. Also, numbers such as 750 417, 585, 916, 999, 375, or the term “gold plum” will also be visible. Jewelers & Loan Co. Quincy, MA often sees customers come in with stamped genuine gold on their personal jewelry, but we’ve also seen customers who had purchased gold chains or other types of jewelry from a friend or family member thinking that the item was authentic, when in reality the piece wasn’t made from true gold.

Of course, we will be more than happy to examine your gold jewelry or gold coins and determine their quality and authenticity for you at our gold jewelry pawn shop in Quincy, MA. You can also shoot us a text message, email us a picture, or stop by during business hours. A seemingly small amount of gold collecting dust in a forgotten jewelry box can add up very fast.

10k, 14k, 18k, and 24k Gold: What’s the Difference?

Simply put, 10k means ten-parts of pure gold or 41.7% pure. 10k/24k = 41.7%.14k means fourteen parts pure gold out of 24k. In other words,14k/24k is 58.5% pure. Most consumers will have a general idea of what type of gold they are dealing with when they are ready to sell their old ten karat graduation rings, corporate gold pins, or the 70s gold rope style chains that Mr. T used to wear along with everyone else in the 1950s until the early 2000s (And it is coming back in style again!).

If you have something 24k, then it is considered pure gold, which is the best quality of gold one can acquire. Chances are that this won’t be in the form of jewelry, as it is too soft to use in most jewelry items. This is typically found in India, China, Russia, Europe, and South America, where higher karats of gold used in jewelry production are more common. American jewelry that is made from gold is usually 10k 14k or 18k white or yellow gold.

Gold jewelry that is made from 18k is very high in gold content. The 18k means it is made with 75% pure gold, with the rest of the components being copper, zinc, palladium, and a little silver to help strengthen the piece. A simple rule of thumb to follow is the higher the karat of the gold, meaning 10k, 14k, 18k, 20k, 22k, and even 24k, and the heavier the piece of jewelry is, the more money you will receive when selling it.

Jewelry that is 10k gold is comprised of more metals than gold and comprises only 41.7% pure gold. Ten karat gold is common in gold class ring jewelry, gold chains, and gold earrings. These items also tend to be slightly darker than 14k or 18k jewelry.

What Do Different Stamps On My Gold Jewelry Mean?

If your gold jewelry has a 585 stamp on it, then it is likely 14k gold. This stamp comes from the simple equation 14k/24k= 0.585, which is where the stamp came from.

585 Stamp

If your gold jewelry features a 585 stamp on it, we’ll know that it is likely 14k gold. This 585 stamp comes from the simple equation 14k/24k= 0.585.

417 Stamp

When a piece of gold jewelry features a 417 stamp on it, it is likely a 10k piece of gold jewelry. This is due to 10k gold meaning it’s 41.7% pure.

750 Stamp

Gold jewelry with a 750 stamp on it is likely 18k gold, or 75% pure gold. You will probably notice these pieces are brighter yellow in color thanks to a large amount of pure gold in them.

375 Stamp

These stamps are relatively uncommon. That’s because gold pieces with a 375 stamp are typically only used on European jewelry items like Claddagh rings, Celtic crosses, and even pocket watches. Gold jewelry with a 375 stamp featured on it is likely 9K and tends to be extremely dark in color.

What Is Gold-Filled or Gold Overlay Jewelry?

Many consumers come to our store looking to sell gold jewelry pieces considered “gold-filled.” This is a very common way to craft jewelry today, and while it gives off the appearance of solid gold, it is not the same.

Gold-filled jewelry, also referred to as gold overlay, is manufactured using heat and pressure to apply a layer of karat gold to a base metal. This process creates an “overlay” of gold on top of the standard metal construction.

In order for a piece to qualify as a gold-filled piece, the karat gold in each item must equal at least 1/20 of the total weight of the item in question. Gold-filled pieces can also be 2/20 or 5/10 in composition. Gold-filled items usually carry a cash value as a specific portion of the piece is constructed from actual gold.

What Is Considered Gold Plated Jewelry?

Another type of jewelry, gold plated jewelry may appear to be made of solid gold, but it consists mostly of other lesser metals.

If your piece of jewelry is gold plated, a very thin layer of gold color or real gold is plated on top of a metal base material. The color will look similar to 14k gold, yet in most pieces, the plated is only about 1/1000 – 1/100000 of an inch.

Normally, you will see 14KGE or 18K GEP stamps on gold plated items. This type of jewelry holds little or no value.

Gold Plated vs. Gold Filled: Is There a Difference?

Gold-filled jewelry has a significantly larger portion of pure gold in it, as compared to gold plated. Typically, gold filled jewelry will hold a more substantial cash value, slightly more than silver jewelry.

Gold rings and money next to a wad of rolled cash - cash for gold jewelry store

Selling Your Gold in Our Shop in Quincy, MA

If you wish to sell gold jewelry and quickly get cash for your pieces, then you should stop by Jewelers & Loan Co. in Quincy, MA, to get a free gold appraisal on your jewelry pieces.

Here’s how our process works:

Step 1: Gather Gold Jewelry You Wish to Sell

We invite you to bring in gold jewelry you think could have value. Regardless of the type of piece, we offer cash for gold! If you aren’t sure, all you have to do is bring it in! Alternatively, you can send us a picture or request that we send a FedEx label straight to you.

Step 2: Evaluating and Separating Gold Jewelry

We invite you to come visit our gold specialists right here in our Quincy, MA location! Our professionals will go through your pieces and evaluate, appraise, and separate your gold jewelry by karat. This process will determine whether or not you have a 10k, 14k, or 18k piece of gold that you wish to sell, pawn, or borrow.

Step 3: Determining the Value of the Gold You Want to Sell

Once our team has evaluated your gold, we will look at the brand and craftsmanship of your pieces. In addition to determining the precious metal value, we also look to see if you’ve got luxury custom pieces or designer jewelry from world-class brands such as Rolex or David Yurman that could produce extra value for your gold items so you can get the most cash possible.

Step 4: Weighing Your Gold

We weigh every karat of gold on a certified sealed scale to ensure the utmost accuracy. By doing this, you’re aware of just how much gold you are selling (measured in pennyweights). After that, our buyers will check the current spot price of gold for a real-time update on the current price of gold.

Step 5: Getting a Cash Offer for Your Gold

Once we have multiplied the weight of the gold you bring in by the current market value, our team will provide you with an instant, no-obligation cash offer for your gold. You can take it or leave it; rest assured that we never pressure our customers when we make them an offer! Our team offers high payouts to our customers for pawn loans and outright cash sales.

What gold jewelry do we accept? Checkmark and X sign - cash for gold jewelry store

We Buy All Karat Purities

The one thing that sets our Quincy, MA pawn shop apart is that we are always happy to accept any karat purities when we buy gold from our customers. Once you visit our store, one of our experienced gold brokers will walk you through our gold buying process and help you find out what type of karat purity your pieces are. We will even purchase 10k and sterling silver, which a lot of other stores will not accept.

What Gold Jewelry Do We Accept?

Here at The Jewelers & Loan Co. Quincy, MA pawn shop, we purchase gold from clients who have all kinds of items to sell.

If you are unsure where you should sell your gold or are looking for an option to borrow cash in the short term (4-month borrow terms*)—we are here to assist you. The Jewelers & Loan Co. of Quincy, MA, proudly offers free, no-obligation gold jewelry appraisals for all of your gold items.

We are fully licensed and have several years of experience in the gold buying industry. Our gold brokers and gold buyers are at your disposal to help you answer any questions that you may have about your items, their value, and how the gold buying or borrowing process works.

Selling Your Designer Gold Jewelry

Selling your designer gold jewelry is an incredibly unique process and one that can help you earn even more cash for the gold jewelry in your possession. When you bring a name brand piece to our buyers, such as a piece from a brand like Tiffany, Rolex, or David Yurman, we will not only look at the quality and weight of the gold, but our team will take a multitude of factors into account as well.

We resell numerous designer pieces right here in our Quincy, MA showroom. We also know that, at times, certain designer pieces are truly worth more than their weight in actual gold. We will look at the overall condition of the piece, the designer, and the style of the particular item so you can get even more cash for your gold at that exact moment.

How to Sell Your Gold Bracelets

Do you have several old gold bracelets lying at the bottom of your jewelry drawer? If you’ve got gold bracelets that are barely seeing the light of day, one of our gold buyers can offer you a free estimate when you visit our store in Quincy, MA. When dealing with gold bracelets, we always start by looking at the karat purity and then weigh the piece to see how much gold. Then, as part of our process, we multiply that by the current gold rate in the market.

A wonderful thing about gold bracelets is depending on the style and thickness of the piece; the bracelets may weigh more than you think, which means more cash in your hand when selling them. As a general rule, the heavier your gold, the more cash you will receive.

We Buy Gold Chains and Necklaces

Gold chains and necklaces are the most common pieces we will see in our pawn shop. When our gold buyers inspect and assess gold chains and necklaces, they will examine first the overall karat purity of the piece to determine how much real gold it consists of.

The chain and pendant on a necklace might differ when it comes to karat purity, so our expert gold brokers will examine both items and then weigh them to figure out the final amount of gold in the overall piece.

After we consult the daily spot gold rate, we will furnish you with a cash offer immediately for your gold pieces.

Selling Gold Rings for Cash

Gold rings are some of the smallest pieces that clients want to trade in for cash, but they are also sometimes the heaviest too. There can be a great deal of gold content in rings, which is why they are so popular to both sell and pawn-loan.

With gold rings or any other piece of gold jewelry you wish to sell to us, we will fully consider the karat purity, weight of the piece, and the current value of gold in the market, before making a cash offer to you.

Gold watches and rings - cash for gold jewelry store

Does your gold ring also have diamonds in it?

If your gold ring has diamonds in it, this might significantly change your offer as we can present you with an appraisal that includes the diamond or one that only appraises the gold content.

Getting Cash for Gold Pendants

Are there loose gold pendants sitting around your home gathering dust? Gold heart pendants or gold circle diamond pendants can add up quickly and put cash in your pocket. You can actually sell them for cash, even if they are missing the chain or pin. We will examine your gold pendants to determine their karat quality and the piece’s weight. From there, we will use gold spot pricing determined by the market to make you a competitive, no-obligation cash offer right on the spot.

At The Jewelers & Loan Co., we will make the process as easy as possible, so you can get in, get out and get your cash quickly as possible in as little as a few minutes. We understand our customers have to work, sit in traffic, pick the kids up from school and live their daily lives because we do it too!

Sell Your Gold Earrings

Gold earrings are often an excellent way to earn some extra cash for gold that you aren’t even using. Lots of our customers are surprised to find how much gold weight is, even in seemingly smaller earrings. Gold hoop earrings, gold stud earrings, gold and diamond earrings all have a cash value. If it’s gold and it’s in an earring, it is worth money. From an old boyfriend, ex-husband, or upgrading your personal style, or just sick of looking at it, these are the items that can earn you much-needed cash.

Once we weigh the item or items and determine whether you have 10k, 14k, or 18k gold earrings, we will make a fair market cash offer. You don’t even need to have a matching pair—meaning you can make cash off that one mismatched gold earring you still have in your possession.

How to Sell Gold Coins for Cash to the Nearest Pawn Shop

A great deal of people have gold coins they have been keeping in the safety deposit box for a long time and have no clue what to do with them next. Sometimes, sorrowfully, upon death in a family and due to inheritance, coins are sold to use the additional money for living expenses. If you want to sell your gold coins for cash, know that you have come to the right place. Our buyers purchase United States gold coins, Russian Gold Coins, African Gold Coins, Canadian Gold Coins, Chinese Gold Coins, South American Gold Coins, Mexican Gold Coins, Indian Gold Coins, and more!

There are countless rare, unique, and valuable gold coins currently circulating right now. They range from American Buffalo Coins and PCGC, NGS, Graded Investment Grade Coins to $20 Liberty Gold Coins, and even “Double Eagles.” We have a comprehensive, up-to-date list of what all of these coins, including the rarest gold coins in the market, are currently valued using the daily price sheet for coins.

We can make you a real cash offer on your gold coins so you can leave our store with real currency in your pocket.

We Buy Gold Charms and Charm Bracelets

Gold charm bracelets can be great jewelry pieces to sell when you want cash for gold or even a short-term loan for your unused gold products. When you have various gold charms and charm bracelets you want to sell, we will start by separating the bracelet from the charms that are on it. A gold bracelet may often be valued higher than the charms you collect, meaning more money for your gold.

After weighing your gold charm bracelet, all of your coordinating charms, and comparing them to the current value of gold, we will make you an instant, no-obligation offer for your pieces so you can see just how much cash you can receive for the gold that you currently have.

Cash for Men’s Gold Jewelry

Here at The Jewelers & Loan Co., we are a jewelry pawn shop in beautiful Quincy, Mass, and we see a lot of different types of men’s gold jewelry from gold rope chains to Figaro chains and Cuban link gold bracelets. From pocket watches and gold rings to tie bars and cufflinks, men’s jewelry can be an ideal way to earn cash for the gold in your possession.

One of the excellent things about men’s jewelry is that most times, it is made to be bigger, heavier, and stronger than other forms of jewelry. This means you most likely have a much heavier piece of jewelry on your hands and more gold to sell and make cash from!

Bring in your men’s gold jewelry, and our team will thoroughly examine the karat purity, weigh it, and use today’s current gold prices to make you a cash offer immediately. It is easy to earn cash for the men’s gold jewelry you have at home.

Gold coins with pandas - cash for gold jewelry store

We Buy Gold Omega Jewelry

Gold omega jewelry pieces are always great gold items to sell and make some extra money. This is because gold omega jewelry tends to be thicker, heavier, and have to gold all the way around the piece. If you have one of these gold omega items in your jewelry box, bring it to our shop and let us provide you with a free assessment.

Our experts will weigh your omega gold necklace or omega bracelet and determine how much gold you have and what purity it is. Then, using up-to-date information on gold prices, we will make you a cash offer for your gold right then and there. No obligation. No pressure. Just a cash offer you can consider or take directly on the spot.

Selling Your Religious Gold Jewelry

Religious gold jewelry, most times, is made with some of the highest quality precious metals, and it can carry a great deal of weight in pure or almost pure gold. We realize that whatever your religious faith is, this might be difficult to do, and you might not feel right about it. Whether you possess a cross, pendant, or ring, we can thoroughly examine your gold religious jewelry and make you a cash offer on your pieces instantly.

After methodically determining the karat purity of your jewelry, we will weigh your item and check the current gold prices so we can make a personalized, no-pressure cash offer on the spot. We do it all here at our Quincy pawn shop so you can swiftly get in, get your cash, and resume your day’s activities.

How Do I Sell Scrap Gold Jewelry for Cash to a Local Pawn Shop in Quincy, Massachusetts?

Here at The Jewelers and Loan Company in Quincy, MA, our pawn shop buyers are always delighted to take gold jewelry in any condition for cash. We offer some of the highest cash payouts for your old, broken, or unwanted gold jewelry. However, we don’t strictly deal with gold jewelry. If you have scrap gold laying around that is broken or that you suspect is unusable for fashion wear, we may be able to make you a cash offer. It is a great way to turn something you weren’t using at all into take-home cash.

We can examine your scrap gold and determine what percentage of pure gold is in the items. We also look at the weight of the gold and current market prices to give you an instant, no-obligation, honest, and highest-possible cash offer.

Our Pawn Shop Buys Foreign Gold Jewelry

If you possess foreign gold, international gold jewelry, or gold coins from different countries, we are able to immediately make you a cash offer.

Different countries have different standards on their gold karat purity levels. For example, in Europe, a piece of jewelry can be 9K (.375 stamp), wherein in the United States, the minimum is 10K. Here at our Quincy pawn shop, we are happy to make you a reasonable offer on your gold and gold jewelry, no matter what country the country of origin was.

This includes:

  • French
  • Portuguese Gold or Brazilian Gold
  • Russian Gold
  • Saudi Arabia Gold
  • India Gold
  • European Gold
  • Italian Gold
  • Chinese Gold
  • Malaysian Gold
  • Vietnamese Gold
  • Mexican Gold

Our knowledgeable gold buyers have a great deal of experience in foreign gold and can weigh your items, consult current market rates, and assist you in getting the best cash offer for your gold, no matter where the jewelry was made.

What Is a Troy Ounce Compared to a Measurement on an Avoirdupois Scale?

Although this sounds confusing, it isn’t! Standard measurements around the world today use what’s called an Avoirdupois scale. Using this system, there are 16 ounces in a pound. This is the scale most people use when they weigh themselves.

In comparison, a troy ounce is entirely different. The Troy System is used to measure gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals. A Troy Ounce is actually heavier than an avoirdupois ounce.

The Troy Ounce used to measure gold, silver, and platinum are around 10% heavier than the standard ounce. So, if you have 10 ounces of gold, it would weigh more than 10 ounces of produce, chicken, or other weighted good.

However, a Troy pound weighs less than an Avoirdupois or standard pound. Why? Because a Troy Pound has a completely different definition altogether. This type of pound only has 12 ounces in it, instead of 16. Think of it this way: if you have 12 ounces of gold, you have a pound of gold.

How Many Grams Are in a Regular Ounce Compared to a Troy Ounce?

When it comes to weights, food is different from metal. A Troy Ounce, the standard unit in measuring gold weight, has approximately 31.1 grams in each individual ounce. A standard ounce, or Avoirdupois Ounce, is made up of 28.35 grams by comparison.

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