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We all have times when we hit rough patches in life, and we need a friendly hand to help us out. If you find yourself in a financially tough spot, The Jewelers & Loan Co. is the friend you can trust; We offer interest-free pawn loans for our online mail-in clients!

Mail your gold or diamond jewelry, sterling silverware, gold coins, watches, old paper currency, or luxury handbags to our pawn shop for fast cash.

What Is a Pawn Loan?

A pawn loan is a type of collateral loan backed by personal belongings, such as gold jewelry or sterling silver serving utensils. Your merchandise will be given back to you when you repay the loan. Many veterans and seniors enjoy interest-free pawn loans because there is no obligation to redeem the loan or negative impacts on their credit scores.

Now that you know what they are, are you curious about how pawn loans work? Your pawnbroker will evaluate the value of your collateral to determine the amount of the loan. We will price an item based on several factors, including its age, condition, the current market, and our ability to resell it. Rest assured our mail-in services are as safe and secure as they are convenient! We also offer pick-up services for our clients.

Does a Pawn Loan Require a Credit Check, and Will It Affect My Credit Score?

One of the greatest benefits of a pawn loan is that it does not require a credit check or loan application. If you have valuable items that can serve as collateral, you can borrow money from a pawn shop without worrying about your credit score being affected. At The Jewelers & Loan Co., this means you have four months plus a 30-day grace period (or 150 days) to use your cash to get out of a rough spot, pay back the interest-free pawn loans, and get your items back. If you need more money after this time, you can get another loan.

What are the Benefits of a Pawn Loan?

Pawn shop loans are a quick, convenient way to borrow money when you’re in a pinch. They’re often much safer than other quick-cash alternatives because nothing bad will happen if you cannot repay the loan at the end of the loan period. The pawn shop will simply sell the item you placed as collateral to recuperate their money. You can also enjoy these benefits from interest-free pawn loans:

People are often drawn to pawn shop loans for the simple fact that they can get cash much quicker than if they want to a bank or microfinance institution. These places have several protocols in place that can slow the application process. You may find yourself in a deeper financial hole by the time you receive a loan from one of these institutions. Fortunately, pawn loans are offered more quickly — and with interest-free mail-in pawn loans you can get online, getting the cash you need has never been more attainable.

Get a Pawn Shop Loan Today

There are many advantages to getting a loan from our Quincy, MA, pawn shop. Whether you’re a military veteran, a senior citizen, or someone who’s looking for a safe and secure online mail-in pawn loan, turn to our team and receive it free of interest!

For more information about our loans or what we pawn at affordable rates, reach out to us today.