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Sell & Pawn Dental Gold Near Boston, MA

Customers looking to have their gold jewelry organized by karat purity, weight, and using the current gold spot price to get an accurate cash selling price for their gold jewelry can come in during normal business hours, FedEx their items, or simply make a private appointment by calling us at 617-479-GOLD (4653).

We offer short term pawn loans for customers who want to use the value of gold (or many other What we Buy & What we Pawn Items) to get some temporary cash in their pocket for personal cash flow needs. Simply put—we buy and offer short-term loans.  Gold collateral pawn loans are safe, secure, confidential, and require no credit check. We believe in safe and confidential transactions and always make sure that you receive the most fair-market, second-hand, cash-price for your gold pawn or the many items we pawn and buy.

While pure gold itself is precious and often quite expensive, not all gold is created equally. The gold that most people have sitting around in their homes in the form of high school rings, college rings, masonic rings, or fraternity rings is likely 10k, .417, 417%. So, before you decide to sell, it is important that you are able to determine the value of the gold that you have, so you can make the most informed decision possible when you are interested in pawning or selling your gold.

A pile of various gold jewelries - cash for gold jewelry store

Today’s current spot gold price Cash For Gold

The Gold Spot price chart is live right here to the left; along with Silver Spot Price, Platinum Spot Price, & Palladium Spot price.  If you are looking for a gold jewelry store or gold pawn shop near you that buys gold on today’s spot gold prices, we can assist. Selling gold isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. Before looking at selling your specific gold jewelry, gold bullion, gold wristwatch, gold bracelet, gold chain, gold pendant, or broken/ unwanted earrings, to determine its value—you need to know the value of the gold itself, by first knowing what the current up to date gold spot price is at the time you wish to sell.

The current market gold spot price fluctuates daily. The Monday through Friday trading of gold future contracts and physical gold helps establish the Daily Gold Spot Price.  The gold market spot price provides the foundation all over Massachusetts and the world for the cash and check prices paid out by jewelers, pawn shops, pawnbrokers and gold buyers every day. It is the current daily, spot-gold price that sets the pricing for the second-hand gold market.