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Blog - Gold Pawnership

It is not easy to part with your jewelry. However, it may not be worth keeping around if you don’t wear it often, especially if you need quick cash.  

Think about it: you can do without jewelry, and gold is selling at an all-time high – this is the most opportune time to sell with spot gold, silver, and platinum at all-time highs. What’s more, there are lots of good reasons to part with your old jewelry – and you can always upgrade to more trendy or affordable jewelry.


If you’re interested in selling your diamond jewelry or engagement ring to a reputable, trustworthy dealer in the Quincy or Boston area, come to the Jewelers & Loan Company in Quincy, Massachusetts.

We’ll give you a fair market selling appraisal using the most recent, updated monthly diamond price report for the diamond industry, called the Rappaport.


In today’s coin market, gold, silver, and platinum have immense value due to the current high spot metal prices in the market coupled with the fact of ultra low interest rates. Bullion is any precious metal that is 99.5% pure. We buy all types of coins that could be rare coins located around your home, like family heirlooms tucked safely away in a jewelry box, are an incredible, hidden source of value for many families, especially if those coins are bullion-grade. If you’re looking to sell coins, The Jewelers & Loan Co. Quincy, MA can help you get top dollar for your precious coins.  (more…)

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