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Many brides and grooms-to-be fall prey to the marketing scheme that they must pay at least two months’ salary on a new diamond engagement ring. By believing this sentiment, they may be forced to go into debt or settle for a ring that they only sort of like.

Don’t let old wives’ tales dictate how your engagement should transpire. Instead, consider the advantages of buying a second-hand engagement ring for your beloved. This piece of jewelry can be just as beautiful and high of quality at only a fraction of the cost. Here are four reasons you should choose a pre-owned engagement ring over a new one.

Enjoy Higher Quality at a Price You Can Afford

Brand new rings can cost several thousand dollars. This price range is just not feasible for many people. They may be forced to put off their engagement until they save up enough to buy the ring, or they may have to let go of their visions of the ideal ring altogether. Neither option is acceptable to a couple in love.

Instead of buying a new ring, you can buy a second-hand diamond engagement ring that is just as gorgeous but listed at a much more affordable price. Your soon-to-be fiancée can choose a high-quality pear-cut ring, diamond cluster engagement ring, or whatever their heart desires, and you don’t have to break a sweat at the dollar signs. The best part is no one will even know the difference between your second-hand ring and a new piece.

Save Money for Other Expenses

Purchasing the engagement ring is only the beginning of the wedding expenses, so you need to pace yourself accordingly. By choosing a pre-owned diamond ring, you can save money and use these savings on other costs, such as wedding decorations, honeymoon activities, or a mortgage payment. Buying a second-hand ring can financially free up you and your new fiancée, allowing you two to establish a life together stress-free.

Select From More Unique Choices

Do you and your fiancée love the idea of an engagement ring that is as unique as your love? Then you’ll enjoy shopping for second-hand rings. You’ll find rare, contemporary, and vintage rings you cannot get anywhere else. And you’ll be able to do it without spending exorbitant amounts of money.

Protect the Environment

Mining for diamonds and precious metals significantly impacts the environment. When you choose to buy second-hand engagement rings, you are not contributing to the demand for newly mined diamonds and materials. In this way, you protect the earth’s natural resources.

How to Find Pre-Owned Engagement Rings

Second-hand engagement rings can become available on the market for a number of reasons. Most of the time, they’re sold because of an estate sale. Other times, you can find the perfect ring because someone sold their old engagement ring to liquidate the value. Despite how they became available, you can get a diamond engagement ring that withstands the test of time without breaking the bank.

You can find high-quality and gently used engagement rings at our pawnshop in Boston, MA. We carefully appraise each ring before accepting the pawned jewelry to provide our customers with only the best items. For this reason, you can shop at our store with confidence.

In addition to selling second-hand diamond rings, we also make custom jewelry in Boston so that you can design the engagement ring of your dreams. No matter if you decide to buy second-hand or custom design your engagement ring, you can trust our store to have all the services you need. Stop by our shop today to browse rings or discuss custom jewelry with our jewelers.