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Is your jewelry box bursting at the seams? When your necklaces are in a tangled knot and your rings are floating everywhere, finding the statement pieces you need to complete your outfit can be a real challenge. Instead of throwing up your hands in surrender, follow these tips for deep cleaning your jewelry box. You just might be surprised by the items you find. You may even decide to sell the gold jewelry you inherited from a distant relative to make room for new pieces that fit your collection better.

Put Aside Sentimental Pieces

The first step in cleaning out your jewelry box is taking out all the jewelry and placing the pieces in separate piles. Sort through all your items, looking for heirlooms or sentimental pieces in your collection. Take your time untangling these necklaces and bracelets and cleaning them properly. You don’t want a speck of dust or streak of grease to tarnish your jewelry, especially if you plan on passing the heirloom to a relative years from now.

Make a List of Pieces That Need to Be Repaired

While sorting through your jewelry, inspect each piece thoroughly. Examine clasps, fasteners, prongs, and chains for damage. If something is out of place or not working correctly, place the item aside and jot down a note about taking the piece to a jewelry repair specialist. It’s especially important to take the items you plan on selling to a professional for cleaning and repair. If not taken care of properly, these could significantly lose their value.

Bag Up the Items for Sale

When you come across a piece that you believe has resale value, place it inside a cloth jewelry pouch. Make sure you only put one jewelry item in each bag to prevent scratches. As soon as you put a ring, bracelet, necklace, or pair of earrings in a pouch, write down the item in a list so that you don’t forget any pieces when you make a trip to your local pawn shop.

The pawn shop will perform an appraisal, so you’ll know how much each item is worth. Selling jewelry frees up space in your jewelry box for new pieces and places cash in your pocket for anything your heart desires.

Store & Organize the Leftover Pieces Carefully

The final step in cleaning out your jewelry box is putting all the pieces you’re keeping back into the box. Don’t just toss everything back in haphazardly. Instead, organize your jewelry by category (necklaces together, bracelets together, etc.) and how frequently you wear those staple pieces. Necklaces should be hung on hooks or placed in separate compartments to prevent tangling, and rings and earrings should be placed in their own compartments or jewelry trays. Put the jewelry box in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

As you’re putting items back in the jewelry box, consider making a list to keep track of your inventory. The list should include pictures of the jewelry pieces and detailed descriptions. This will help with any insurance claims you may make in the future.

Sell Your Old Jewelry for Cash

Do you have a collection of items you no longer want or need? Bring them to The Jewelers & Loan Co. We offer instant cash for jewelry, so you can have extra spending money to buy new statement pieces or save up for that trip you’ve always dreamed of taking. Whether you’re hoping to sell a diamond engagement ring or a vintage piece of gold jewelry, we’re interested in your pieces! Stop by our pawn shop today to receive a free, no-obligation appraisal.