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Who said you have to propose with a diamond engagement ring? The love you share with your future spouse is unique, and your proposal should reflect this special bond. As you prepare to get down on one knee, don’t be swayed by societal pressures to purchase a diamond ring if you feel it doesn’t best represent the journey you and your partner have gone through together. Instead, consider proposing with one of these great alternatives to a traditional engagement ring.

A Diamond Necklace

If you’re seeking an alternative to an engagement ring because your future spouse isn’t a fan of wearing jewelry on her fingers, you may want to consider proposing with a different piece of jewelry. Diamonds are certainly a woman’s best friend, even if they don’t care to sport anything on their hands.

You can show your bride-to-be how much she means to you and that you listen to her preferences by purchasing a diamond necklace she can wear anywhere and everywhere. You could even opt to buy a diamond from a loose diamond buyer so that you and your loved one can design a piece of jewelry that signifies your commitment to everlasting love.


In Thailand, it’s tradition for the groom to propose to their partner with a gold piece of jewelry. If you’re interested in Thai culture or simply love the idea of proposing with durable jewelry, you can buy gold in Massachusetts for your future spouse. Whether a piece of gold engagement jewelry, a watch, or a bullion, your forever love will appreciate the classy symbol of your commitment.

Plane Tickets

Does your future spouse prefer traveling over wearing expensive jewelry on their ring finger? Consider proposing without an engagement ring and present a pair of plane tickets to your beloved’s dream destination when you get down on bended knee. To make your time together even more special, you can plan little surprises for your spouse throughout the excursion, such as restaurant reservations or private tours. This is the perfect way to jumpstart the journey of life you will take together.

A Down Payment

The proposal is just the beginning of your lifelong journey together. If your intended isn’t interested in a traditional diamond ring, consider putting a down payment on a house and proposing with the check. By skipping the engagement ring, you are able to move into your starter home sooner and truly begin your life together as a married couple.

A Pet

Are you marrying an animal lover? Consider popping the question with a puppy or kitten in your arms instead of an engagement ring. This gesture can be a great way to show your commitment to starting a family with your loved one — whether or not that family includes kids or only furbabies.

Of course, you will want to discuss getting a new pet with your future spouse before starting the adoption process because you can’t return a puppy or kitten like a ring. If you both decide a pet is a good idea, it will be a cute reminder of the day you got engaged.

Express Your Unique Love With an Alternative to an Engagement Ring

As you can see, there are plenty of alternatives to the traditional engagement ring when proposing. No matter how you ask your beloved to marry you, the important thing is to remember to stay true to your love. You know your intended best, so trust your instincts when deciding whether to propose with a diamond ring, gold piece of jewelry, plane tickets, or a pet.

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