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A Quick Guide to Selling Coins in Massachusetts

In today’s coin market, gold, silver, and platinum have immense value due to the current high spot metal prices in the market coupled with the fact of ultra low interest rates. Bullion is any precious metal that is 99.5% pure. We buy all types of coins that could be rare coins located around your home, like family heirlooms tucked safely away in a jewelry box, are an incredible, hidden source of value for many families, especially if those coins are bullion-grade. If you’re looking to sell coins, The Jewelers & Loan Co. Quincy, MA can help you get top dollar for your precious coins. 


Types of Coins: Our Specializations

When selling coins in MA’s market, there are a number of different types that shops like the Jewelers & Loan Company keep watch for. While we specialize in buying and selling silver products like silver Morgan dollars, silver Peace dollars, and silver half dollars, quarters, and dimes, we are also interested in people looking to sell gold coins as well. Gold Eagles, Double Eagles, colonial, and gold bullion coins, are all high-value products if you’re looking to sell coins in MA, we buy and appraise. 

Other Valuable Materials

Other gold, silver, and platinum materials, such as ingots, bars, or even scrap metals have incredible value even if you’re not looking to sell coins. MA dealers like the Jewelers &Loan Company accept materials of all sizes and weights including:

Some of the most valuable gold and silver coins currently on the market include:

When discussing the weight of precious metals, such as the type we buy and sell in MA, Troy ounces and pennyweight are typical denominations we deal in. If you’re looking to buy and sell coins in MA, we’re happy to appraise all materials that you bring us. 

Contact Methods

If you’re looking to sell coins in MA, The Jewelers & Loan Company of Quincy can help you determine the full value of your gold, silver, and platinum coins. We’re here to help you with all your buying and selling-related questions. Customers can easily contact us by phone or text at (617) 479-4653, or by email at info@goldpawnership.com. We look forward to helping you sell your coins in Quincy Massachusetts.