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The presence of digital currency has taken over, and for those fascinated by the ambiance of collecting and selling old rare coins or paper currency, you should definitely stock up on all you can find. If you’re fascinated with collecting paper money, odds are you have a few tricks up your sleeve to handle and care for your collection. Every notaphilist knows that if you want your collection efforts to last a long time, adequate storage and care are the first steps you should take. 

Even so, it’s a good idea for even the most dedicated paper money collectors to practice the best ways to care for their old paper money collections to ensure their collection efforts don’t fall by the wayside.

Protective Sleeves 

When storing your paper currency, each one should be placed in acid and polyvinyl chloride-free holder. These albums usually hold about three currencies per page. If you don’t have an album, single sleeves should be used to store your cash, especially on days when you decide to show off your paper collection.

Store in Safe Locations

The worst thing for your paper money collection is to store them in locations with high humidity or directly in sunlight. The sun will leave your paper brittle and with faded colors, while moisture exposure found in basements will also rot away the collection. If you want to inspect your paper money, consider investing in a halogen light instead of using the sunlight.

Don’t Try to Repair Them Yourself

The absolute last thing you want to do is repair your paper money with your own two fingers. That operation alone can reduce your paper’s value to zero, and it’s not even a guarantee that your operation will work out. Museums and banks offer cleaning services, and you can always look up one that might be in your local area. Either way, you shouldn’t risk repairing your money unless you’re certain that you know what to do.

Wear Gloves

Using soft cotton gloves or nitrile gloves when handling your paper collection is a must. You don’t want to get the oils from your body and hands all over your paper collection. They are a form of moisture that can come in and wear away the color on your bill. You should also wear your gloves even with your protective sleeve. Never take the risk of getting harsh contaminants on your bills, even if your loved ones insist otherwise.

Check on Them Often

You can never be too careful with your paper money collection, and you don’t want to risk not noticing an issue with your paper bills on time. Plan a routine to check on your currency, or stop by at random times if that works for you. Sometimes you miss a bit of moisture, or the kids might get their hand on your collection without letting you know. Don’t go too long without making sure that your currency is stable and does not suffer from any damages that take a toll on your paper money.

Get Cash for Your Paper Money Collection

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