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Mail-in Gold & Silver Jewelry for Cash

Mail-in Gold & Silver Jewelry for Cash

Do you have a pile of unwanted gold jewelry or coins in your home? With The Jewelers & Loan Co., selling your gold and silver for fast money has never been easier. You can now mail-in gold, silver, jewelry, and coins for cash from the comfort of your house while getting the same great value as you would if you came into our pawn shop. When you participate in our mail-in program, you can rest assured that you’ll receive safe, honest, and trusted service.

How It Works

We understand mailing in your gold or silver for cash can feel risky. That’s why we have designed a mail-in program that is safe, convenient, and risk-free. Here’s an overview of our gold and silver mail-in process:

  • Step One: Fill out an online appraisal application. Our specialists will evaluate the information you provide and give you an idea of what your item is worth.
  • Step Two: If you’re happy with our evaluation, you will package your items securely, ensuring there isn’t any wiggle room in the packaging for the jewelry, coins, or silverware to become damaged.
  • Step Three: We will send you a shipping label, and then you will ship your items to us via UPS, FedEx, or the USPS.
  • Step Four: Once we receive your items, we will determine the value of your gold or silver items.
  • Step Five: After we finish carefully analyzing the value of your items, we will call you and inform you about our offer. If you are not satisfied with the offer, we will send your items back at no additional cost.

Mail-In Gold for Cash

When you want to get rid of the gold jewelry or coins taking up space in your jewelry box and dresser drawers, we have an easy and convenient solution for you. You can trade-in your gold for cash with peace of mind when selecting our company as your pawnbroker. Over the years, we have built a reputation off our great prices, honest practices, and quality customer service. Now, you can feel confident mailing in your gold wedding bands, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings for cash.

Mail-In Silver for Cash

Did your great-grandmother pass sterling silver flatware or silver jewelry on to you? Do you have no desire to use or wear it? Instead of stuffing it into a corner and forgetting about it, you can sell the silverware or jewelry for money you can use for things you want or need.

Whether you simply have a single serving piece or a complete sterling silver serving set, we want it all, and we’ll pay a fair market price for each item. By mailing in your silver forks, knives, candelabras, serving trays, and more for cash, you can cut out the hassle of loading everything into your car but still get paid quickly.

Mail-In Jewelry for Cash

Inheriting jewelry from your mother or grandmother can be a precious gift, but sometimes, it’s simply not feasible for you to keep the silver or gold pieces. Whether you need to make room for new jewelry pieces or need the money more, you can mail in your jewelry for cash, and we will provide a worry- and stress-free experience. As we evaluate your pieces, we will handle them with care and inspect them thoroughly so that you will get an honest and fair price. When you participate in our mail-in jewelry for cash program, you can feel confident the process will be smooth and effortless.

Mail-In Coins for Cash

Do you have a collection of coins you no longer want to store? Mail-in your unwanted coins for cash, and let us get them into the hands of someone who will love them as much as you did. No collection of valuable coins is too big or small for our team to handle.

We will determine the value of your gold or silver coins based on the date, mintmark, condition, and precious metal value. After our appraisal, we will explain how we came up with the value we did, so you can decide if you would like to move forward with the mail-in coins for cash process.

Mail-In Gift Cards for Cash

After the holidays or a big milestone birthday, you may be saddled with a bunch of gift cards you have no desire to use. Instead of letting them sit in your wallet or throwing them in the trash, sell your gift cards for cash! We accept any unused Amazon and Walmart gift cards. In return, you’ll receive money you can use on something you actually want, such as a new lawnmower.

Inquire About Our Mail-In Program Today

If you’re looking for a secure and safe way to mail in your gold, silver, jewelry, or coins for cash, trust our team to provide quality service and evaluations. For more information about our mail-in program, get in touch with us by phone, email, or contact form.