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Sell Gift Cards for Cash

When you receive a gift card for a birthday, work anniversary, holiday, or another significant milestone, you appreciate the gesture from a well-meaning friend or family member. Still, now you’re not sure what to do with the unwanted gift card. Well, wonder no more! Jewelers & Loan Co. in Quincy, MA, buys gift cards for top dollar. We’ll guide you through how to sell your Amazon, Walmart, and other major retailer gift cards for cash so that you can use the money on something you want or need. Selling your gift cards is the perfect way to earn fast, secure cash.

How to Sell Gift Cards for Cash

Do you have a stack of gift cards taking up space in your wallet or purse? If you want to get these unwanted pieces of plastic off your hands, sell your gift cards for instant and convenient cash at your local pawn shop. Whether you have a $20 Walmart gift card or a $50 Target gift card, we’ll take it off your hands and give you money you can use anywhere you like.

Here’s how to sell your gift cards to Jewelers & Loan Co.:

  • Step One: Check the balance of your card online or through the retailer. If you haven’t used it yet, the packaging should state how much is on the card, or you could have a gift receipt with the balance.
  • Step Two: Get verification of the amount on the card. You’ll need proof of the balance on the gift card so that we can make sure we don’t sell customers a gift card for more than it’s worth.
  • Step Three: Bring your gift card into our pawn shop with your proof of balance and ID. We’ll look at the card, its balance, and the retailer it’s for and then provide an offer.
  • Step Four: If you accept our offer and decide to sell your gift cards for cash, we’ll hand you the money that day, and you can walk away with the freedom to buy whatever you want.

Sell Amazon & Walmart Gift Cards

Amazon and Walmart gift cards are among the most sought-after gifts among Americans today. And when you consider their vast inventory of items, it’s no wonder. Whether they need cleaning supplies or the latest video game, customers can get it at one of these two retailers.

If you find yourself as an owner of one (or more) of these gift cards but aren’t interested in using them, you can exchange them for money you’ll actually use. How do you sell Amazon and Walmart gift cards? Take them to your local pawnbroker.

We make it easy to sell your Walmart and Amazon gift cards, no matter the balance left on them. You’ll just need the gift card, proof of the remaining balance, and your ID. In a matter of minutes, you could walk away with crisp bills in your wallet.

Sell Your Gift Cards for Cash Today

Don’t let your unwanted gift cards go to waste. Even if you have no desire to use that gift card to your aunt’s favorite clothing store or the card to a major electronics store, someone else will. Sell your major retailer, including Amazon and Walmart, gift cards to Jewelers & Loan, Co. today. If you have any questions about how to sell your gift cards in Boston and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to reach out!