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Maybe you’ve gotten tired of the design and want something that works better with a new style you’re trying out. Or perhaps you just want to see how much you can get for the bag that’s been sitting in your closet for a few months with no use. Either way, pricing your Louis Vuitton product can be confusing, with all the many ways your item can appreciate and depreciate. This guide can help you identify the value of some Louis Vuitton items to help you decide what to do with your products.

The Most Expensive Items

A few of the tip-top items like the Crocodile Skin City Steamer handbag and the 2007 Tribute Collectors Patchwork bag are iconic Louis Vuitton bags that came with price tags in the range of $35,000-50,0000. Despite the hefty price, it’s unlikely you’ll have that expensive of an item lying around. The more common expensive items are about $3,000-$6,000 and include some of the best designer bags available. These items include:

Most Common Items

Not all owners of Louis Vuitton items will have some of the more expensive or limited edition items. Some more common Louis Vuitton items are around $1,000-$2,200 and include some attractive options, such as:

What Determines the Worth of Louis Vuitton Items?

Louis Vuitton items are extremely valuable and for good reason, but the worth of the items isn’t just derived from the retail price. A few factors go hand in hand in determining the value of the products from this luxury brand. Is your item very popular at the time, or are people not really aware of its existence? Is your product in good condition, or does it have wear and tear or a few scuff marks?


How popular is your product? Value goes up as your designer handbags or purses become trends in the industry. Social media trends might increase the popularity of your product, or it could be because of a common occurrence called “right place, right time.” Either way, the best items are typically determined by their popularity.


The worth of luxury items can go up or down depending on the product’s condition. A bag in mint condition is likely going to be a bag that maximizes its value. Items owned for years or decades could even be of increased value just because you held them for so long in mint condition. 


Supply and demand rule all, and at the end of the day, if your item is not as accessible, it’s likely to be worth a ton. Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag has a high resale value of about 91%. But the limited edition version of this bag can go for almost two or three times its original price. If your item is limited in quantity, you can be sure it’s worth a hefty sum.

What to Do With My Louis Vuitton Item?

Getting a Louis Vuitton item is a statement, but you should never be afraid to do what’s best for you. What good is your purse or bag if you don’t even take it out of the closet? You can get money for other items that fit your wardrobe better, or you can save up for a future item that piques your interest. 

Regardless of which direction you choose, make sure you get value for your authentic Louis Vuitton items. The Jewelers & Loan Co. will buy your Louis Vuitton items for cold hard cash! Walk out with money that you can use for anything you want, all for the purse or shoulder bag you weren’t using in the first place! If you’re wondering where to sell your Louis Vuitton items, visit us today or check out some of our other pawn shop services.